eBay Items For Sale

Started selling stuff on eBay. Mostly toys and things I think are cool. Robots, G.I. Joes, vintage toy soldiers, devil girls.
You can see what's for sale here.

Dino Sore!

Got such a great response on the Carma 2 Velociraptor ped, that a few friends are working on a Jurassic Park mod for Carmageddon 2. Harmalarm is converting a map and some dinos from Trespasser. Pip the Pest is making a JP Ford Explorer and I think Mastro666 is going to finish his Burroughs map from Trespasser.
In addition to some new dinosaurs I'm trying to recreate Ilsa Nublar from the first JP movie and hoping to include a bunch of key areas like the Visitor Center, Raptor Pit, Helipad by waterfall. Check out the thread here on the CWA board.


Drawings, sculptures, 3D models and custom content for Carmageddon.
Check it out here

Welcome the the Crypt

UPDATE The Evil Realm is back up and running. The place to find PumaY2K and K@vera's great cars and skins.

Found some files from 1999 on Some might not be that rare, but there's toP$Dog's 76 Bronco, the infamous K.A.R.R, four of Dark Knight's Bajas, and Boose's Rotten Horror. And a bunch I have no idea what they are. Wondurcar? You can poke around here. Over the next few weeks we'll be working on resuscitating There are one or two old sites that might be able to be brought back. Once all is sorted out I'd want to open up to more hosting too!

Satan's Clown Cycle?

Your car name
Ok, you know those silly 'Band Name' or 'Goth Name' generators? Well, I made one to come up with wacky Carmageddon Car names like 'Satan's Clown Cycle'. How about a 'Heavy Bride Hauler' or 'Scary Clown Taxi'. What would your ride be? You can try it out here. Tip o' the hat to Havenbrook and The Bride Harvester!

Red Badge of Discouraged

I really loved the game Darkest of Days. I know I am in the minority. But I am discouraged that even with the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War there seems little to no interest in reliving the past battles.
I love history and getting to use period weapons in the game to be a blast. Trying to save your skin from attacking rebels with only a single shot muzzle loading Springfield Model 1861 can be a challenge! But I guess a lot of people only enjoy shooters if they feature chain guns and endless rounds of ammunition. :)
What really sold me on the game was that it comes with it's own level editor. I found it really easy and intuitive to use. You can check out some of my maps here. The latest map is loosely based on the movie version of Stephen Crane's 'Red Badge of Courage'.

Well, Don't You Look Special

Check out the new updated look at the old CWA. Our good buddy Tosh shook out all the moths, swept out the empty beer bottles, and then gave the board a kick in the pants to send it into 2013.Thanks Tosh!
The CWA is turning 15!
Yup, the Carmageddon Webmaster's Alliance is older than most of the kids that'll be playing Carmageddon:Reincarnation. The board might have jumped around from host to host and had the usual glitches and hiccups, but the board has run continuously since 1998! Not too many sites can say that! It's all because of the fans. Someone always kept the colors flying when others had to move on. So best wishes to another 15! Visit Carmageddon Webmaster's Alliance (thanks to n3wton who hosts it now)