Mac Carpocalypse: Carmageddon 1 Tutorials: Peds
Note: these tutorials demonstrate some basic editing techniques in Carmageddon. Most of the files on the download page demonstrate these techniques also. Download a file or two and you'll see how things work. For basic editing purposes, we recommend using Adobe Photoshop, a text editor, and you're going to need Carmagedit.

First thing in customizing a ped is realizing which files you want to change. Here is a table with some common peds found in Carmageddon and the associated PIX files that go with them:

PIX File

Pedestrian Ref. #



Pedestrian #1

Long haired hippie


Pedestrian #2

Business bitch


Pedestrian #3

Fat bloke


Pedestrian #4

Woman in yellow jacket


Pedestrian #5



Pedestrian #6

Another woman scantily dressed


Pedestrian #7

Business bloke


Pedestrian #8

Ohhh lahh lahh


Pedestrian #9

Intel Bunny reject


Pedestrian #10

Lame construction worker

As you can see, there are quite a variety of peds to work with, a total of about 31 in all to change or modify. Each ped file, when opened with Carmagedit, will look similar to below:

In fact, each ped is merely a series of frames that animate while the game plays depending on the relative location of the vehicle to the ped. Notice that the frames vary in size. It is of utmost importance that you remember this when editing as you cannot import a larger frame into a smaller one (although smaller ones will fit in larger ones, with strange results...)

We find it more convenient to create a folder on the desktop with a duplicate of the PIX file we're working on that way all the exported frames are together with the file being worked on.

Open your chosen PIX file with Carmagedit, then export each frame into the folder you just created. Make your changes to the exported frames in your paint program and re-save them as 256 color PICT and then import back into Carmagedit. Keep in mind that there are "two" colors of black....0 Black, which is invisible, and 240 Black, which shows up as black. Save the PIX file and quit. Drop the modified PIX file into the PIXELMAP folder after renaming the original, then start Carmageddon and take a look.

If you see through areas that you didn't intend to, then you've painted in 0 black instead of 240 black. CoffeyCup knows a trick on how to get around this, and I'll post it soon.

Most likely, things won't look quite right, so make another screensnap of the edited ped to help guide you where to correct problems. With some trial and error, you'll eventually get it.

Downloading peds that others have made can be a help also. Check out our custom Peds page.