The Return to Castle Quakenstein mod is an attempt to give Quake 3 Arena the look and feel of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. There are no new maps, the exisitng Q3 maps have been reskinned.


Return to Castle Quakenstein Mod
Download: Return to Castle Quakenstein Mod


Unzip into your 'Quake 3 Arena' folder, not 'baseq3'.

Launch the game, from the Quake 3 Arena main screen, click Mods and load Return to Castle Quakenstein

Known Bugs

Progress not being saved. This only happens if you Reset your progress to start at the beginning and work through the tiers.

There is a simple work-around though. Instead of exiting from the Quakenstein Main Menu, click Mods and load Quake III Arena. After it returns you to the Main Screen, you can exit and your progress will be saved when you return.

This has only been tested on single-player with bots. Multi-player needs to be tested yet.


I take no credit for the models. All credit goes to the original authors.

Reskinned Attorney body and George Bush head both by Todd G.

B.J. Blazkowicz
Reskinned Bitterman body with Sarge head by ID Software

Elite Guard
Reskinned V6 model by Djed L. Head

German Soldier
Reskinned Razor body with Brandon head by ID Software

Reskinned Razor model by ID Software

Reskinned Tank Jr body with Fritzkrieg head by ID Software

Reskinned Bitterman body with Fritzkrieg head by ID Software

Reskinned X-Ray model by ID Software