2.4 Ped specs (works only after preprocessing of the track)

This one is for spawning peds. You can set which textures spawn pedestrians. (Where peds can appear) The first line is number, it defines how many textures (=materials) will spawn peds in the game.
5	 // Number of textures (=materials) which spawn peds.

PARKBAY1	// Name of the material which spawns peds.
0		// Movement index (?)
66		// Group index, see note 1.
1		// Number of peds per 100 square metres, the "density" of peds.
0		// Number of exclusion materials (?)
0		// Number of exception materials (?)
Note 1: What type of peds appear here. Get the groups in data/peds/settings.txt. For example, groups 0-3 are the nuclear silo's peds.

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