2.5 Horizon stuff

Track's with fog actually shouldn't have a horizon, but it doesn't matter. (It just would be more realistic) Put the sky texture of your track's Tiffrgb-folder. Here are the lines:
BLUESKY1	// Name of the sky texture pixelmap, or NONE.
7		// Horizontal repetitions of sky texture, small number makes it wider, but 8 is a good one.
60		// Vertical size of sky texture. (degrees) 50 is a good one, but 25 makes it a bit flat.
158		// Position of horizon. (Pixels below top) High number means higher position for the sky. (175 is a good value)  
DARK		// Depth cue mode. (NONE, DARK, FOG, or COLOUR) See note 2.
4 , 0		// Degree of fog or darkness, see note 1.
129 , 103 , 80  // Depth cue colour (red , green , blue: colour codes)
Note 1: This line defines how close to you the fog or darkness will be rendered. The bigger the value is, the closer the fog is rendered, and the less you will see. 16 is the maximum value, the fog will be very near to you. But if you put more than 16, the fog mysteriously disappears, and you will see clearly. (If you don't want fog, just put NONE to "depth cue mode")

Note 2:
= No fog.
= Black fog.
= White fog.
= Uses depth cue colour as fog.

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