3.2 Changes in update 2

New information:

- Throbbing textures: changed "slither" into "throb"!
- Added "Flash" to movement modes in simple movement-groove, and added lollipop info
- Added note to introduction and tips: shortcut keys work only in Cesm's PT2 mods
- Added slick materials to smashable stuff
- Added tricks to avoid object jumping while importing. (Importing objects-chapter)
- Added Wireframe-bounding shape
- In noncar textfile editing, added "Object_friction"-keyword
- Explained "Ignore_World_Collisions"
- Skidmarks in material modifiers: added that a custom texture can be used in this
- Starting angle: corrected the directions!
- Explained the special switches in Races.txt
- Added curved road texture mapping help in chapter 1.2. (Tips)

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