Tutorial for making C2 tracks

This tutorial was made by C2 Scientist, and Econobrick, who made the parts "preprocessing" and "smashable objects".
Thanks to him and the guys at CWA for sharing their knowledge!

This tutorial will help you to make a new environment (track) to Carmageddon 2. Making a track won't be so difficult when you have read this tutorial and its tips. Well, making a track takes some time, but it is not difficult.

This tutorial has two parts. In the first part (modeling the track) I'll tell you how to get started, and I'll give you some tips which speed up your project, and optimizing tips which improve the game's frame rates. And we do something with Plaything 2 (PT2) In the second part (textfile editing) we'll study nearly all of that stuff the track's textfile has.

Notice: Most of the Plaything 2 shortcut keys I've written in this tutorial, work only if you have Cesm's PT2 modifications.

1. Modeling, doing some things in PT2, and editing some textfiles

1.1 Getting started (What programs you need, getting textures, getting the track into game)
1.2 Tips (Optimizing, and other useful tips)
1.3 Making your own drones, solid, tippable and smashable objects, and shrapnel materials (Includes a bit of texture mapping in Plaything 2 too)
1.4 Importing objects into your track in PT2, and amalgamating them
1.5 Noncars' textfile editing (Physics stuff, and special effects)
1.6 Drone's textfile editing (Physics stuff)
1.7 Preprocessing the track (Made by Econobrick)
1.8 Detailed editing of Races.txt (Data/Races.txt, put your track to the track list, and change some details)

2. Track's textfile editing

2.1 Starting place (How to place the grid)
2.2 Checkpoints
2.3 Smashable environment specs (Making smashable stuff into your track)
..........2.3.1 Smashable fences (Made by Econobrick)
..........2.3.2 Smashable glass (Made by Econobrick)
..........2.3.3 Other smashable stuff (Made by C2 Scientist)
2.4 Ped specs (Which of the textures spawn pedestrians)
2.5 Horizon stuff
2.6 Special effects volumes (Making ambient sounds and gravity effects)
2.7 Map details (Creating the map picture)
2.8 Funk stuff (Animated textures and other texture effects)
2.9 Groove stuff (Moving objects, like cranes, fans or spinning advertisements)
2.10 Opponent paths
2.11 Drone paths (Traffic, skilifts, planes, etc)
2.12 Material modifiers (Making slippery or bumpy driving surfaces)
2.13 Noncar objects
2.14 Global lighting data

3. Changes in this tutorial

3.1 Update 1
3.2 Update 2

4. Miscellaneous

4.1 Bounding shapes